French Drains

If water is collecting at a low point in your yard, or if you have a small hill that water runs off of, there may be a simple solution to your soggy lawn problem- a French drain. The drain and sewer experts at Henco Plumbing Services have the skills and experience needed to install and service French drains in lawns throughout Vancouver, Portland, and Salem Area.

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What Are French Drains?

Simply put, a French drain is a trench with a perforated pipe installed in it that is filled with gravel, rocks, or both. The purpose of installing a drain like this in your yard is to redirect surface water and groundwater away from your home, preventing flooding and damage to the structural foundation of the house. They also do away with standing water that can ruin landscaping and attract mosquitos and other bugs.

French Drains Vs. Other Drainage Systems

French drains are a popular option for draining water away from a home or yard because they can be easily manipulated to fit (or even enhance) the look and overall aesthetic of a yard or garden.

Another benefit of French drains is that they are relatively affordable compared to other kinds of drains. If you are unsure whether French Drains are the right choice for your home, give Henco Plumbing Services a call and speak to a friendly and knowledgeable member of our team.

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How French Drains Are Installed

While the name “French Drain” may sound fancy and sophisticated, they’re actually simple systems. The process of installing a french drain is simply a matter of marking where the drain will be located, digging a trench that slopes in the direction you want the water to flow, installing the pipe, and filling the trench with gravel.

The entire process can be handled swiftly by a professional drainage contractor, like the experts at Henco Plumbing Services.

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