Vancouver Sump Pump Services

Wondering how to prepare your Vancouver home for a possible flood? Let’s put in a sump pump in your home. Call today!

Is your home in an area that’s prone to flooding? If so, you need to let us install a sump pump for you.

As the leading plumbing company in Vancouver, WA, Henco Plumbing Services can install a reliable sump pump that gets the floodwater out of your house before it can do more damage.

By choosing us for sump pump installation, we guarantee:

  • Upfront and competitive pricing
  • Quick and high-quality installations with warranties
  • Hassle-free scheduling
  • Clean and professional work
  • Reliable, prompt service

Ready to make your home flood-proof? Count on us for repiping and upgrading your plumbing.

Why Install a Sump Pump?

Floods aren’t common in Vancouver, but when they do happen, they can be quite devastating. If you live in a low lying area or a flood zone, you need a sump pump.

When your home is in the midst of a flood, the water settles in the building’s lowest parts and can remain there even after the flood. Unless you get the water out yourself, it will remain in your basement, crawl space, and other low parts of your home, slowly but surely wreaking havoc to your possessions and the building’s structural integrity.

To get the water out, you need a working sump pump that’ll pump out the water and direct it elsewhere. Sump pumps are also useful for getting rid of floodwater from a burst pipe or burst water heater tank in your home.

Choosing the Right Sump Pump

There are various types of sump pumps, and each is best suited for specific circumstances. We recommend always choosing an auto sump pump that activates the moment its sensors notice moisture.

Generally, sump pumps fall into two categories:

  • Submersible pumps: A common and less pricey option that’s installed underwater. Even though they are less expensive, they are more durable and quieter than their counterparts.
  • Pedestal pumps: These are installed above water with a pipe that goes underwater. They are noisier than submersibles but are easier to access for maintenance and repairs.

Want a sump pump that fits your budget and the unique needs of your home? Our team of experts can recommend and install the best sump pump for you. We also can help with after-flood maintenance, such as hydro-jetting your plumbing system.

Keeping a Sump Pump Functioning Optimally

Like every other machine, a sump pump is prone to wear and tear, depending on how you use it. To ensure your sump pump works perfectly when you need it the most, we recommend scheduled sump pump maintenance. We provide this service for all types of sump pumps.

If your sump pump quits on you at a critical moment, don’t panic. We offer prompt sump pump repair services.

Want fast sump pump replacement, installation, or repair in Vancouver, WA? Call Henco Plumbing Services now at 360-369-3373 to arrange a visit.