Wet Yard Services

Have you noticed that walking on certain parts of your lawn feels like walking on a wet sponge? Are there parts of your yard where healthy grass just won’t grow? The Henco Plumbing team is here to help you deal with your soggy yard.

Overly moist lawns are a problem that can be challenging to deal with, but it’s nothing our expert team of trained plumbing technicians can’t handle! We can install strategically placed drains

What Factors Contribute To Soggy Yards?

The predominantly clay soil common in the Pacific Northwest, combined with the excessive amount of rain we experience each year, makes a recipe for soggy ground. Clay soil can absorb water, but it does so at a very slow rate. When the rain is falling faster than the soil can filter it through, the upper sod layer will become oversaturated with water, causing that muddy, spongey texture to overtake your yard.

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What To Do About Soggy Yards

There are a few different ways our experts can help fix your wet lawn problems. They include:

  • Dry Wells A Dry well is an underground structure that is usually fed into by a gutter or French drain and allows runoff water to collect in an underground chamber rather than on the surface of your lawn. From the chamber, the water has more time to infiltrate the soil without causing soggy puddles in the yard.
  • Rain Gardens Rain Gardens are a great, eco-friendly way to manage roof runoff. They allow water to infiltrate back into the soil, while the plants, mulch, and soil remove pollutants from the water. Rain gardens can be constructed to just about any shape or dimension to fit your yard, and feature water-friendly plants like Cardinal Flower, Joe-Pye Weed, Marsh Marigold, and more!
  • French Drains A French drain is a small trench with an embedded pipe that carries runoff water away from your home and yard. This is a particularly useful option if the water is collecting at a low point in your lawn, or if there is a small hill in the yard that water might run off of. Usually, the pipe is installed and the trench around it is filled with a porous material like drain rock or sand. French Drains can be manipulated to add an elegant touch to landscaping
  • Drain Cleanings Clogged drainage systems can be a major cause of backups, which lead to soggy yards. Prevent backups and burst pipes from ruining your lawn with regular drain inspections and cleanings. Drain cleaning should be performed once or twice a year.
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If you have a spongey, soggy lawn, call Henco Plumbing at (360) 369-3373 for help!