Expert Vancouver Pipe Lining Services

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Your home’s plumbing is just a small part of a bigger piping system, one which no single homeowner can have total control of. Sometimes, that means the home’s sewer lines can get backed up, damaged, or cracked, leading to unfortunate problems. Still, there is one preventative measure you can take to protect yourself and your home: pipe lining.

This process is crucial to protecting the home’s plumbing integrity, and homeowners would benefit greatly from calling Henco Plumbing Services in Vancouver, WA, and the Portland Metro Areas right away!

What’s the Pipe Lining Process?

Plumbing experts have been able to develop advanced strategies for lining pipes in a way that keeps your home comfort in mind. First off, an expert will use a sewer camera to gauge any cracks or trouble spots. Then, after clearing the pipe of any blockages, the expert will slide a protective tube along the inside of the pipe. This tube is usually made of fiberglass or polyester, and serves as a second protective barrier inside your pipe, like an inverted suit of armor. The tube is then cured with hot air or Bluelight LED technology, setting it permanently within the plumbing system.

Pipe lining does require a temporary stop to waterflow while a plumbing expert finishes the job. Still, it won’t take long, and once it’s over homeowners can feel secure in their sewer pipes for decades to come!

Pipe Lining Benefits

There are plenty of great benefits for homeowners that decide to protect their plumbing with sewer pipe lining. One clear benefit is that one can avoid a situation where a leaking or burst sewer pipe leads to excavation of the yard or property in the process of repair. An event like that can have significant costs, not only to the wallet but also to the household’s comfort.

The truth is that no pipe will last forever. Erosion and damage come with time as a pipe ages, and leaking is only a matter of time. That said, pipe lining can push back on these damages for a long time, improving water flow and letting homeowners rest easy. That’s as good an investment as any!

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