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Tips for Avoiding a Non-Working Shower in Your Own Home

Why Is Your Shower Not Working?

Everyone has been there, you go to take a shower after a long day, looking forward to the relaxing heat and pressure...but as you turn the tap, the water runs at a disappointing trickle ... or is simply too cold to stand.

Not only is this an inconvenience, but in many cases, a non-working shower is the first sign of a much deeper issue. Technicians in your area are here to help, and they’ve laid out the following guide to help you stop any shower problems from ever returning.

How Bathroom Plumbing Works

bathroom plumbingA basic understanding of how your plumbing system operates will go a long way. Plumbing is split into two main subsystems, one brings freshwater in and one takes wastewater out. The biggest factor related to water pressure is direct vs. indirect water source.

Direct meaning that water is coming to you straight from the source, indirect meaning it is coming from a means of storage. When water enters your house, it passes a meter that gauges how much water you use, as well as the main water stop valve.

Know where this is, and in a plumbing emergency, it will be vital for you to stop the water flow immediately. After the water reaches your appliances, it must drain. Individual lines carry excess water from your drain until they meet with toilet waste in the sewer line.

Gravity takes its course in this situation and ensures the separation of waste and water. Another vital component of your drainage system is the traps. The most obvious example is the S-shaped pipe you find beneath a sink. Their job is to hold a small amount of water in the bend when the pipe is not in use, preventing sewer gas from backing up into your home.

Tips for Cleaning Your Shower

clean a showerThe cleaning of your shower is far from an optional housekeeping duty, and you will soon realize this if you avoid it, as it can become a leading cause of shower dysfunction. If your water has a higher concentration of minerals, you are most likely to encounter this problem as they are more prone to clogging.

Another benefit of cleaning your shower is the clearing of build-up made of potentially harmful bacteria. The process is simple; remove and submerge your shower head in white vinegar, leaving it there for a few hours before eventually rinsing with hot water and scrubbing. More likely than not, you will immediately see an improvement in pressure.

Leaking Pipes - a Deeper Problem

leaking pipesOne of the most common explanations for low water pressure is a leak in your plumbing system. When you suspect a leaking pipe, it is best to act quickly. Ignoring this problem will lead to further, more difficult to repair the damage.

If an inner pipe has a crack or hole, water will leak out before it reaches you, hence the lower water pressure. This can also cause internal water damage to your home depending on where the leak is. The best-recommended action to take in this scenario is to call a professional in. They are your best bet to locate and correctly resolve a leaking pipe.

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