Vancouver Septic Tank Plumbing

Want to save money on your utility bills? Henco Plumbing Services can turn the sewer charge on your utility bill to zero by installing a septic tank.

Do you have a septic tank in your home? If you don’t, you should let us install one for you.

Henco Plumbing Services can provide septic system installation in Vancouver, WA, and the Portland Metro Areas to get rid of your waste and reduce your utility bills. Choosing us for this service guarantees:

  • Hassle-free scheduling and quick delivery of service
  • Clean and professional work with lasting results
  • Upfront and customer-friendly pricing
  • Impressive warranties on materials
  • Fast, reliable service

Make the sewage management system of your home more effective and cost-efficient by contacting us today. We also offer trenchless sewer line installation—we can have you up and running with no mess.

How a Septic System Works

Homes that don’t have a septic tank are connected to the city’s sewer line, which takes away all of their waste. Connecting to the city’s sewer line has its upsides, but problems can occur when there is a breach or obstruction in the sewage line connection.

For something that you have more control over, we recommend a septic tank installation. Our septic tank contractors can perform the installation with a quick turnaround, zero complications, and ensure the entire system is up to code.

If you have a septic tank, all the waste that passes through your drains will end up in an airtight containment unit buried underground.

Septic Tank Installation or Replacement

If you already have a septic system in place that’s faulty or are considering switching from the city sewer line to a septic system, our septic contractors are at your service.

This service is available for new construction and existing buildings. To ensure that you get the best results, we’ll first assess your property to find the best location to install the septic tank and the ideal tank size for your property.

We leave no mess behind after completing the task and use only the best materials for the setup.

Have a septic tank already and considering switching to city sewer? Contact us for a sewer line connection.

Do You Need Septic Tank Repair?

Installing a septic tank properly ensures that you can enjoy it for years without complications. That said, septic tanks are not indestructible. Clogs can occur due to flushing insoluble materials down your drain. Leaks can also occur due to blind digging or tree roots breaking into the tank.

There are also instances of the tank overflowing, which is more likely to occur if you are using the wrong septic tank size for your home. You can resolve this by contacting septic tank pumping companies, like ours, to empty your septic tank.

If you notice any of the following, chances are there’s something wrong with your septic system:

  • Foul odors outside your home.
  • Backed up or slow drains and toilets.
  • Rich vegetation growing around your septic system.
  • Muddy soil around your septic tank.

It’s best not to leave a septic system fault unattended for long. Its hazardous contents can easily pose a health risk to your home and its residents.

Want the comfort and cost-benefits of having your own septic system? Give Henco Plumbing Services a call at 360-369-3373 to get started on your plumbing project in Vancouver, WA.