Vancouver Slab Leak Repair

Don’t let a slab leak do any more damage to your home – Call us to fix it!

Is a slab leak running up your water bill and destroying your home’s foundation? Let Henco Plumbing Services find the leak and plug it.

We have the specialized tools to not only detect slab leaks and their causes but also rectify them quickly with lasting results. As the first choice for residents of Vancouver, WA, and the Portland Metro Areas, who want a reliable plumber, you can count on us for:

  • Upfront and customer-friendly pricing
  • Professional work with no messes
  • Hassle-free scheduling
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  • Prompt, reliable service

Ready for a lasting solution to your home's leaks? Call us today for water leak detection service.

How Do I Know There’s a Slab Leak?

Compared to other leaks, such as dripping faucets or pipes, slab leaks are more covert. It is a water leak under a building that gradually erodes the building’s foundation. Some people don’t even know they have a slab leak until the building’s structure starts to tilt.

Early slab leak detection is crucial to avoid the high cost of damages from a slab leak. Your property may have a home foundation leak if you’ve noticed any of the following:

  • Running water noises when no taps are open.
  • Inexplicably high water bill fluctuations from the leaking and wasting water.
  • Sudden cracks in the floor of your home.
  • Presence of mold on parts of the floor, or a damp and moldy smell.
  • Low water pressure from outlets because the water is pouring elsewhere.
  • Warm spots on the floor from hot water line leaks beneath the flooring.

If you notice any of the above, contact us ASAP for foundation leak detection services to find what’s wrong. Delaying can result in even more costly damage to your home than has already occurred.

Slab Leak Detection Services

Our team of experts utilizes various methods to identify and confirm slab leaks without digging up your floor. We prefer such methods because they are quick and inexpensive. More importantly, they cause no damage to your home, which is crucial, especially if it turns out that there’s no slab leak.

Depending on the circumstance, we can identify a slab leak by using the water valves and meters of your home to isolate the points of water flow and any irregularities.

Alternatively, we use specialized equipment to scan the floors of your home for underground leakages. The entire process is accurate and takes only a few minutes.

Count on us for slab leak detection and repiping services to resolve any hidden leakages.

Professional Slab Leak Repair Services

We have the expertise and tools to repair even the most difficult to reach slab leaks. Depending on the type of leak and pipe, we may fix it by rerouting, relining, or repiping the faulty plumbing.

Our slab leak repair services are reliable, fast, and affordable. Book an appointment for a time that’s most convenient for you—we’re happy to work around your schedule.

Don’t let a slab leak compromise the safety and comfort of your home in Vancouver, WA. Call Henco Plumbing Services now at 360-369-3373 for expert leak detection and repair services.