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outdoor plumbing blockages

Watch Out for Outdoor Plumbing Blockages

Everything Homeowners Need To Know About Outdoor Clogs 

When homeowners picture plumbing systems, they imagine the pipes under their sinks and toilets. Yet, a sizable number of pipes are outside the home. They usually provide water to sprinklers, hoses, and even outdoor air conditioning units. 

An outdoor clog isn’t just hard to find; it can compromise the entire home’s integrity within days. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent these issues before they occur. This includes monitoring outdoor piping systems, understanding how clogs form, and relying on professional plumbing services. 

Monitor These Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures 

sprinklersA homeowner might live in their residence for years without realizing the full scope of their outdoor plumbing systems. Yet, this is an essential part of preventing clogs and other issues. If applicable, one should inspect these outdoor plumbing fixtures for any concerning changes: 
  • Pools, including pool pumps 
  • Hot tubs and jacuzzis 
  • Fountains 
  • Hoses 
  • Sprinklers 
  • Outdoor showers 
  • Spigots 

When inspecting these fixtures, one should look for: 

  • Poor water pressure: This could mean there’s a clog or that water is somehow escaping the system. 
  • Rust or corrosion: Rust or corrosion could cause sediment build-up inside the pipes, compromising the water quality and leading to leaks in the future. 
  • Frost: Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean temperatures won’t drop below freezing. One should always look for frost forming on the outside of pipes, regardless of the time of year. Doing so can prevent burst pipes. 

Homeowners can also schedule maintenance visits with certified plumbers. These professionals can conduct a comprehensive inspection and catch potential issues before they worsen. 

Understand What Causes Clogged Outdoor Pipes 

Outdoor and indoor clogs usually have one thing in common: an obstruction keeps water from flowing adequately through the plumbing system. Outdoor clogs can happen when: 

  • Leaves get stuck inside gutters, hoses, and faucets. 
  • Mud clogs accumulate inside pipes. 
  • Animals (such as rodents) get trapped inside the pipe system and die. 
  • Tree branches and roots penetrate the plumbing system, leading to underground pipe clogs. 
  • A buried pipe buckles under the pressure of the ground above it. 

Thankfully, these clogs can be prevented. Homeowners should regularly: 

  • Clean out their home’s gutters 
  • Periodically use drain snakes to clear out small clogs
  • Course water through a piping system if not regularly used 

Schedule Maintenance Visits with Trained Professionals 


With assistance from a trained professional, one can remove clogs from their plumbing systems and learn more about preventing them. If a plumber finds an outdoor clog, they may remove the obstruction by: 

  • Removing the pipes and removing the clog manually 
  • Using a motorized drain snake to remove hard-to-get blockages 
  • Using a hydro jetting tool to break the clog apart 

Homeowners should avoid DIY measures on their plumbing systems. For instance, using over-the-counter drain cleaner can actually “eat away” at the pipes, leading to substantial issues in the future. A professional will be able to assess the problem and render appropriate repairs. 

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