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Why Is Drain Cleaning So Important?

The Importance of Clean Drains

Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing complaints. Luckily they are also one of the easiest plumbing problems to repair and the most preventable. The drains in a home and especially in businesses take a lot of mistreatment. While good drain use practices can prevent a good number of clogged drain problems, this is not always practical because of the number of users and the type of service that a drain provides. Routine drain cleaning from a qualified plumbing company can help keep clogged drains at bay and help prevent more serious plumbing issues. Here are some reasons why clean drains are so important. 

Faster Drainage and Fewer Problems

Drain systems for homes and businesses are specifically designed to efficiently remove water from basins, tubs, and floor drains. This means that they are designed to work best when the insides of the pipes are free of build-up and debris. Once drain pipes begin to accumulate junk like grease, soap scum, and hair, they will drain slower. 

Slower drains are drains that are more susceptible to problems. As the water in drains is slowed down, they deposit more of their suspended solids on the pipes’ inner walls. As a result, the more a drain gets dirty, the faster it will develop into a clog or even a total blockage. 

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Get Rid of Odors

One of the nasty results of drains that are allowed to accumulate debris in them is the odors they produce that seep back into the home or business. The p-trap below a drain is specifically designed to prevent sewer gas from leaking back into the kitchen or bathroom. When p-traps get full of debris, the remaining water that is supposed to act as a valve to keep sewer gas in the drain line can be leached out. Once the water in the p-trap is gone, there is nothing to keep sewer gas from back flowing into the home or business that the drain serves.

Along with sewer odors, clogged drains can produce odors of their own. The gunk that is allowed to build up inside of pipes consists of everything that has gone down the drain. As the gunk builds up, bacteria start to break it down. This can release terrible odors that can only be stopped by cleaning the drains. 

Why Not Try DIY Fixes?

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Home remedies and chemical drain cleaners can be unreliable and dangerous. The main problem with both of these approaches is that, at best, they can soften some of the scum on the pipe walls. They do nothing to remove solids that comprise most of the matter in a drain clog. 

Along with not being able to remove clogs, they can also cause damage to certain plumbing materials. The best option for drain cleaning is to hire a professional. They will show up on time, armed with the right tools and knowledge for the job. 

By hiring routine drain services from a professional, home and business owners will never have to deal with drain emergencies again. 

About Henco Plumbing Services

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