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Keeping Up With Toilet Demands

What Tools Do Plumbers Use When Repairing A Toilet?

The toilet is used more than just about any other fixture in the home. It has high demands and is prone to plumbing issues. When there is a problem with a toilet, and a plumber is called, they use a variety of tools to clear the clog or fix the issue that may be happening. 

Borescopes are top-of-the-line in technology for plumbers. These are smaller cameras that are attached to a long, flexible cable. It is inserted into drains and sewers so plumbers can check the condition of the pipes and what may or may not be blocking it. 

In this article, plumbing experts share some insight into the tools and methods used to fix any toilet repair issue. 

What Tools Help With Clogs?


Clogs happen all of the time. Whether from too much toilet paper, a blockage in the pipe, or frozen septic lines. There are a few tools that plumbers use to clear clogs from drains. 

One of the main tools a plumber uses on a toilet is a hand auger. This is a circular, handheld device that goes right down into a drain to break apart clogs. It consists of a long cable that is lowered using a hand crank.

A snake machine is another tool they frequently use. This is larger than an auger for larger clogs. Rather than being a hand crank, it’s motorized. This machine has the muscle necessary for deeper clogs. 

Lastly, plumbers use a simple plunger to attempt to move the clog. Their plunger may be a little more advanced than the one usually found in a home, but the methods are still the same. 

Types of Toilet Repairs

Professionals are constantly getting calls for toilet repairs. It’s not an easy job to do, but they do it. Whether it's a problem with a leaky tank, flushing, or clogs, they can fix it quickly and efficiently. 

The first thing to look at is how long the sound of running water can be heard after the toilet is flushed. When a toilet is flushed, the sound of water running should only be heard for a few seconds. If it keeps running into the bowl, there’s a leak. It could be an issue with high water pressure. Before any repair is done, the plumber will first check for signs of this. 

Blockages are another common issue. This can cause the toilet to overflow and it could create a huge mess in the bathroom and even though the whole home. Blockages can be caused by too much toilet paper, inadequate flushing mechanisms, and more. A plunger can usually solve the problem, but more work needs to be done if the clog is located in the pipes or drainage system. 

In addition to all the different tools plumbers have for each repair they perform, they also have special protective equipment to protect them from getting hurt while on the job. Even so, it is crucial for every homeowner to ensure that any plumber working in their home is properly insured.

How Is A Toilet Replaced?

Replacing a toilet is a job that any professional plumber can handle. It’s a pretty basic job if all of the pipes are correctly fitted underneath. The first step is to pick out a new toilet. The plumber can go over the options with homeowners, or if they already have one, they’ll install it for them. 

They will measure the area to ensure the new toilet will fit properly, and they will measure to any nearby water line. They will then remove the old toilet by turning off the water supply and removing the water from the tank. 


Disconnecting the water lines and uninstalling the bowl is next. They will use a water solidifier to keep any remaining water from sloshing from the bowl. The nuts and bolts will be removed from the floor that holds the bowl in place. The wax ring will be removed, which can’t be reused, and a rag will be put into the hole to ensure gases from the sewer don’t come into the home. 

After that’s done, the flange will be replaced or repaired. They will then install the new toilet by essentially doing the previous steps in reverse. They’ll install a new wax ring, install the toilet bowl, secure the toilet, prep the tank, test for leaks, and install the seat. 

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